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Timothy J. McNally, Principal

Mr. McNally combines a technical background with twenty years experience developing successful companies and products. Example CFO assignments include an onine digital entertainment company achieving $100 million valuation growth during the project period, a private data secuirty company acquired by a public company, and fundraising, product development and launch of a clean-tech lighting company.
As Chief Financial Officer and EVP of Operations at Mondo Media, a San Francisco based digital entertainment / media company, Mr. McNally led the company to profitability prior to equity investment. He then participated in the development of groundbreaking new business formats, authored the plan and raised $40 million in venture and debt funding for that venture, building all operational, production, sales, financial, HR and IT structures for the company.

As founder of a new venture development subsidiary at Apple Computer, Mr. McNally targeted, invested in, and supported the management of over 30 technology ventures. Prior to that he held senior positions in channel development, international sales, and product marketing. His education  includes an MBA from the Wharton School, a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Princeton University, and international research as a  Fulbright Scholar.